a mother and a daughter smiling behind a diy menorah that they built together. Hanukkah kits diy menorah craft box. Great gift idea for the Jewish holiday crafts.  Hanukkah gift ideas

Hanukkah Kits

In many ways my life has changed since the pandemic. Most notably I am now a stay-at-home parent to my two young children after running a mobile hair styling business for nearly a decade. Being in my new role does not allow for much creative expression, which I've always needed. With my new DIY Hanukkah Kits, I hope to help other parents who need a little help bringing creativity back into their houses (with very little effort) this holiday season. 

I designed the DIY Menorah kits with family, fun, and ease in mind. Hanukkah Kits' at home DIY Menorah kit will have your holiday memories multiplying.

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